can't buy me love (mcdreamyy) wrote,
can't buy me love


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Friend me?
Added hunni XD
added back
i added you. :D
added you back, love
I added you Steph! Add me back? ♥
added :)
I shall add yooou. Loving the new name. :D
added. thank you :)
add mee?
It's Amanda/lethimfly from GJ. I added you. =)
added you back hun!
you should prob change this
i will eventually lmfao

Deleted comment

added love!
Hey bb! I'm adding you. I came from the FFAO post :)
adding you back! :)
omg steph? haha it's mollie! idk if you remember me but i just saw you ontdbb and i was like holy cow! how have you been?
omg hey! of course i remember you lol. i've been good! what about you? what's new with you?